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"Life Begins After Coffee"


When it comes to coffee we don't mess about. We serve coffee to thousands of customers nationwide & whether its a coffee connoisseur at a private party or a drunken festival reveller,  it is no mean feat to give every customer the coffee experience they really love. Although I think we just about cracked it:

We are proud the be serving Three Sixty˚ - Blend Number One

Expect a dominant warm honey sweetness leading into a fresh lime acidity, with a hint of grapefruit, finishing with warming winter spices. Through milk, the acidity gives way to a butterscotch sweetness with a hint of caramel.

The source: Kenya, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Proper Cheesy 

We have been perfecting our recipes for ‘Posh Toasties’ for a number of years now & we feel strongly that our food offerings in 2017 will be just as scrumptious & cheesy. We are foodies with a passion for putting together a seasonal & location specific bespoke menu. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality British ingredients that is locally sourced and always fresh. Our menu regularly changes to make use of local seasonal produce and we love to provide quality coffee & posh toasties to our customers.

To top it off .. you can pick your own herbs from our fresh herb planters which will be infused into the bread of your toasty. Everyone has thyme for that!

Properly Sustainable 

Our Coffee is 100% fair trade, our food is locally sourced (Hertfordshire), free range using independent traders & every single last piece of packaging is 100% biodegradable & compostable. Our eco-credentials stack up, our packaging is made from plants! 

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